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Where every individual is loved and accepted.

Our Mission Statement

At Ice Care Group, our mission is to ensure that each individual is treated with Integrity, Compassion, and Equality.

Who We Are

couple listening musicIce Care Group is a residential home for adults with IDD founded by an educator with over 20 years of experience in special education and whose own son has IDD. Since our establishment in 2014, we have been providing our residents with safe and supportive housing.

At our residential home, we are committed to helping every one of our residents live their best lives. We are constantly finding different ways to help them become more independent and achieve their goals. With the level of care and support we offer, we can help each one of them thrive.

We are excited to open our second home in June 2020. Private and semi-private rooms will be available for our residents’ convenience.

In addition to providing our residents with a comfortable, home-like environment, we help people with disabilities get ready for the workforce. This way, they can have better opportunities for the future and unlock their fullest potential.

Reach Out to Us

Please schedule an appointment for a discussion of your loved ones’ needs or send us a message for more information about Ice Care Group.